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The Sing Out! News Service has a new home. We have migrated our news service blog to a self-hosted WordPress installation that is now fully integrated with our web site … with all kinds of enhanced flexibility and functionality to better serve the greater folk music community (and all users of the information we shared here).

This has been in process for several weeks now, and we have already been posting new articles and information with the new installation (which is why it may have seemed like this site has gone dormant), as well as migrated the complete archive of articles the used to reside on this site (so it’s all there for browsing and searching if you’d like).

If you’ve reached this post through a site link (or if this post has reached you via an RSS feed or email subscription), here are a few simple steps to get reconnected to any and all future postings to the blog (and to access the news service archives which has been purged from this location).

  • If you reached this page through a link on another web site, please contact the owner or web master of the site to let them know that their link needs updating. (Unfortunately, we don’t have any way of knowing where or who has been sharing our posts directly.)
  • If you are reading this post via an RSS feed or email subscription, this will be the last posting you will receive unless you head over to the new installation and re-subscribe. You can do that at <singout.org/news>, where you’ll find all the ways you used to access this site, plus ever improving ways to tailor your subscription to your specific interests or needs.

Along with the improved integration with out official site and information, we will also be adding a whole range of additional blogs and information available for the same kind of access … including a folk music reviews blog that will be publishing hundreds of reviews of new and recent audio releases, books, performances and more!

We hope you’ll appreciate the work we’ve put into the new site. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us HERE.

Thanks for your support and understanding! We look forward to bigger and better things as we move forward. Sing out!!


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